WS-X6816-10G-2T Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Ethernet Module

Cisco 6500 Module WS-X6816-10G-2T 16 Port 10G with DFC4

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6800 Series 16-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Module with DFC4 & DFC4XL


16-port 10GbE Fiber Module





Switch fabric connection

2 x 20 Gbps (40 Gbps total)


4:1 16 ports (oversubscription mode)
1:1 4 ports (performance mode)

Forwarding engine

●WS-X6816-10G-2T: comes equipped with DFC4 for distributed forwarding, supporting 256K forwarding entries, increased ACL entries to 64K, increased Netflow entries to 512K and increased IPv4 forwarding speed to 60 Mpps
●WS-X6816-10G-2TXL: equipped with DFC4XL for distributed forwarding, supporting 1 million forwarding entries, increased ACL entries to 256K, increased Netflow entries to 1024K and increased IPv4 forwarding speed to 60 Mpps
●Increased performance of up to 60Mpps for L2, IPv4 and MPLS forwarding and up to 30Mpps for IPv6 forwarding
●Support for 16K Bridge Domains, allowing the standard 4K VLANs to be reused across these bridge domains, effectively increasing the number of VLANs available in the system
●Increased MAC Address Table to 128K
●Increased multicast routes to 256K
●IGMPv3 snooping in hardware
●PIM registers in hardware
●IPv6 MLDv2 snooping in hardware
●IPV4 & IPv6 in IPv6 tunnelling
●IPv6 in IPv4 tunneling ISATAP, 6to4, GRE)
●QoS support for uniform, short pipe and pipe mode tunnel
●Terminate the tunnel in the same loopback


Oversubscription mode:
●Receive: 1p7q2t per port
●Transmit: 1p7q4t per port group
Performance mode:
●Receive: 8q4t per port
●Transmit: 1p7q4t per port

Queuing mechanisms

●Class of Service (CoS) based queue mapping
●(Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP) based queue mapping


Oversubscription mode:
●Deficit Weighted Round Robin (DWRR)
●Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED)
Performance mode:
●Shaped Round Robin (SRR) at egress

Port buffers

Oversubscription mode:
●90 MB per port group
Performance mode:
●256 MB per port (128 MB for ingress and 128 MB for egress)

Hardware-based multicast replication

●Ingress and Egress replication-mode
●Approximately 20 Gbps per replication engine
●2 replication engines per module

Jumbo frame support for bridged and routed packets

Up to 9216 bytes

Maximum port density per chassis

176 ports (6513-E chassis)
128 ports (6509-E chassis)

Maximum port density per VSS

352 ports

Can be used to form virtual switch link

●Performance mode: Yes
◦Up to 4 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports can be used for virtual switch link
●Oversubscription mode: No

Supervisor engines supported

Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2T and 2TXL

Chassis supported

●Any Cisco Catalyst 6500 E-Series chassis, including 6503-E, 6504-E, 6506-E, 6509-E, 6509-V-E (NEBS compliant) and 6513-E chassis
●Not supported in non-E Series chassis

Slot requirements

●Can occupy any slot in any Cisco Catalyst 6503-E, 6504-E, 6506-E, 6509-E or 6509-V-E or chassis
●Can occupy slots 1-6 and 9-13 in a Cisco Catalyst 6513-E chassis

Onboard memory

1 GB default

Cabling Supported

10GBASE-CX4, -SR, -LRM, -LX4, -LR, -ZR and -ER X2 fiber modules and 10GBASE-T

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