VS-S2T-10G-XL Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor 2T

Cisco 6500 Supervisor 2T VS-S2T-10G-XL Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 2T 80G System XL

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Chassis compatibility

Supported on all Catalyst 6500 E-series chassis and Catalyst 6807-XL chassis

Switch fabric

2.08 Tbps Crossbar Switch Fabric with 26 Fabric Channels

Software compatibility


Uplink ports (PORT 1 through PORT 5)

·Five uplink ports:
 ·Two 10GBASE-X ports
·Three 1000BASE-X ports
·Each uplink port has a link LED associated with it. Console ports One console port (RJ-45) Compact Flash 1GB DRAM 2GB for Lite and XL (4GB upgrade with 2GB memory upgrade (2+2) NVRAM 4 MB Switching capacity up to 80 Gbps per slot of switching capacity on E-Series chassis Routes 1024K (IPv4) 512K (IPv6) Netflow entries 512K Layer-3 classification and marking access control entries (ACEs) 256K shared for QOS/Security Layer 2 rate limiters 20 ingress/6 egress Security ACL entries 256K shared for QOS/Security Power requirement (at 42 VDC) 10.71 A
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