C4KX-PWR-750AC-R/2 Catalyst 4500X 2nd power supply

Catalyst 4500X 750W AC front to back cooling 2nd power supply

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AC-input type

Autoranging input with power factor correction (PFC)

AC-input voltage

100 to 240VAC (115/230VAC nominal) single-phase

AC-input current

11A @ 100VAC (max)
6A @ 200VAC (max) AC-input frequency 47 to 63Hz (50/60Hz nominal) Branch circuit requirement Each chassis power supply should have its own dedicated, fused-branch circuit: *For North America—15A
*For International—Circuits should be sized to local and national codes
*All AC power supply inputs are fully isolated.
*Source AC can be out of phase between multiple power supplies in the same chassis, which means that PS1 can be operating from phaseA and PS2 can be operating from phaseB. Power supply output capacity 750 W Power supply output 12VDC @ 62A
3.3VDC @ 3A Output holdup time 16 ms minimum (20ms @ 60% load) BTU (total output) 1122BTU/hour (nominal) 1365BTU/hour (max)
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